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The Sacramento Horror and Sci-fi Convention

Where: The Scottish Rite Center
6151 H Street - Across from Sac State University

3pm - Midnight
Vendors Room: 3pm - 8pm

10am - Midnight
Vendors Room: 10am - 6pm

10am - 6pm
Vendors Room: 10am - 6pm

Who: Sacramento Area GQMFs

As you can see from the website, details are pretty scant at the moment but more and more information is being as we approach the 25th. My idea is to have the meet-up on Friday night for the Warp 11 concert around 8:30, followed perhaps by some food getting. I'll be checking the con website daily and adding details to this post as they come to light.

What do you think? Any takers?

EDIT: As of 9/21, the times for any events at the con besides opening and closing have not been posted. I have emailed Anthony Leano, who is in charge of promotions and guest bookings, and am awaiting his reply. As I understand, this con is usually thrown together very last minute because guests tend to sign up last minute when they realize they have room enough in their con schedules for a little town famous for its tent city. IfWhen I got a reply from Anthony Leano, I'll email all interested parties with the concert start time. I think we should meet up a half hour to an hour ahead of time to congregate, chat, and get good seats... or, rather, places to stand.

EDIT: Anthony just emailed me back, saying that he expects the show to begin sometime between 8:30 and 9pm. I say we meet up at 7:45 pm outside the movie viewing room, find out the definite time of the show, if time permits make the rounds, and then find ourselves a spot to stand. Good, no?
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